Tess Galley Counselling

Experienced counsellor working with adults

Marlborough, Wiltshire and online 


I have a special interest in supporting people impacted by cancer, and specifically women and breast cancer.

Through my own experience of a cancer diagnosis in 2013, I am familiar with the chaos, anxiety and fear that comes with this. Normal life is turned upside down in an instant, the future is uncertain, and you feel vulnerable and alone.

Counselling helped me through a very challenging time, keeping me balanced and more settled in myself. Having somewhere to offload the worries and feelings I couldn’t share with the loved ones I wanted to protect, enabled me to feel more engaged with family and daily life.

You may be dealing with the shock of a recent diagnosis; worried about surgery or treatment; or struggling to imagine a future beyond cancer.  Counselling can help to calm the overwhelm so that you find ways to cope and feel more in control.

If you are trying to support a partner, family member or friend, you may be struggling to know what to say or do for the best. Working through your own feelings can enable you to be more present and available to your loved one when they need you.